Project Update - 28 June 2022

The 10 Year Asset Plan has been adopted. Thank you to everyone who submitted their feedback, ideas, and suggestions during our consultation.

Project Update - 25 May 2022

The window to provide feedback has closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

We are preparing our first ever 10 Year Asset Plan (draft plan).

The draft plan has been developed to guide and demonstrate our commitment to providing public assets that are safe, clean, and well maintained for our community to use and enjoy now and into the future.

The draft plan has been developed from a range of feedback collected from the community as part of consultation for the Brimbank Community Vision 2040 and through engagement with a community panel as part of a deliberative engagement process undertaken earlier this year. The community panel provided feedback on how we can improve the quality and appearance of Brimbank public assets over the next 10 years.

We’re now seeking additional community input in the final stage of the draft 10 Year Asset Plan development.

We encourage you to read the draft plan and share your feedback with us.

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