Community Services Infrastructure Planning Policy

Adopted December 2021

We have 3 community infrastructure-related plans. But only 1 of them is in the Community Services and Infrastructure Planning Policy. We want to include the other 2 so we can provide strategic direction to all our infrastructure plans.

Proposed changes

  • Update the policy scope to include sport and recreation facilities . This allows the policy to include:
    • Sports Facility Development Plan
    • Indoor Sports Facilities Feasibility Study.
  • updates and consolidation the policy aims, objectives and definitions to include added plans
  • update guiding principles
  • include framework for assessing community infrastructure needs
  • update related Council Policy and Strategy.

What these changes will achieve

  • A consistent, responsive and evidence-based approach to planning and delivery of local, connected and sustainable community services and facilities
  • build and support an inclusive, healthy and resilient community
  • develop and maintain a network of quality, flexible and responsive community services and infrastructure. And designed and operated to meet the diverse needs of the community
  • apply an evidence-based planning approach to understand universal needs and demands.
  • address specific areas of disadvantage and inequity.

Give feedback

We want you to read the draft policy and let us know what you think by either:

  1. Completing the online form below
  2. Sending an email to: Att: Manager Leisure and Community Facilities
  3. Writing a letter and sending it to: Manager Leisure and Community Facilities, Brimbank City Council, PO Box 70, Sunshine VIC 3020

If you email or write us, let us know if you want to be heard by a Hearing of Submissions Committee.

The Hearing of Submissions Committee virtual meeting will be held at 6pm on 5 October 2021. Details to access this meeting will be given to those wishing to be heard before the hearing.

Your feedback must be received by 5pm on Monday 20 September 2021.