We are planning to renew Ardeer Community Park. The park has:

  • play equipment
  • fitness equipment
  • a basketball court
  • a dirt bike track
  • a shelter
  • a barbecue
  • a dry creek bed and nature zone
  • sculptures and public artworks
  • seats
  • walking paths.

Some of these features need updating or replacing as they are more than 15 years old.

We want to hear your experience of the park to understand:

  • which facilities should be kept
  • which facilities should be replaced or updated
  • what can we do to make the park a better place for you to visit and use

We will use your feedback to plan the renewal.




What the park looks like now

Suburban Park definition

A well developed park within walking distance from every household with one generally within every suburb.

The parks will be predominantly used by residents who live within a 20 minute walk from it. Most visitors will spend up to an hour in the park, although occasionally some may stay several hours using picnic facilities.

Suburban Park locations were selected to ensure a generally even distribution across the Municipality so that most residents would be within approximately one kilometre of these parks. At least one Suburban Park is located in most Brimbank suburbs. Parks were selected that could accommodate the proposed infrastructure such as playgrounds and picnic area.

Facilities will include:

  • a good quality playground
  • facilities for teenage play
  • picnic facilities, shelters and barbeques in most
  • substantial tree plantings, irrigated garden beds and a high quality grass area

Approximate service radius: 1 kilometre
Approximate size: 0.6 – 1.0 hectares

Photos providing visual indicators of what a suburban park includes - Duke Street Reserve, Sunshine North - Thea Court Reserve, Keilor Park - Verona Drive Reserve, Keilor Lodge and Ardeer Community Park, Ardeer