Arts and Culture Strategy 2024-2028

Adopted May 2024

Our strategy's pillars and objectives

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander connections

    • respect and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories
    • support self-determination of cultural expression
    • support the growth of knowledge about Aboriginal cultural and heritage items in Brimbank.
  • Participation

    • support and promote opportunities for everyone who lives and/or works in Brimbank to participate in arts and culture
    • celebrate the diversity of Brimbank
    • create pathways that provide equitable access to a range of arts and culture opportunities within Brimbank.
  • Partnerships, collaboration and contributions

    • Facilitate and empower key partnerships and collaborations
    • advocate for the inclusion of arts, artworks, artists and creative thinking across Council
    • support the development of emerging cultural leaders in Brimbank
    • explore mechanisms and opportunities for government, private and philanthropic contributions to art and culture in Brimbank.
  • Creative industries

    • encourage and share information about creative practitioners, industries and activities in Brimbank
    • connect artists and creative businesses to strengthen partnerships, viability and growth
    • develop learning initiatives that support career development.
  • Places and spaces

    • provide and share information about locations where the community can engage with arts and cultural activities and experiences
    • provide spaces where artists can create and share their creativity and culture
    • investigate new sites and platforms for festivals, events and public art.

Consultation results


How we consulted

What you told us

  • ​Support

    95% agreed or strongly agreed with the draft pillars and objectives.

  • Strategy updates

    We have made the following changes based on your feedback

    • improve readability
    • added page numbers
    • added government bodies as possible joint funders into Partnerships, collaboration and contributions pillars.
  • Ideas

    Your programming suggestions will:

    • influence annual implementation plans
    • help us the design the actions that deliver the objectives.