Brimbank City Council is proposing Brimbank Aquatic & Wellness Centre as the name of the facility replacing the former St Albans Leisure Centre.

The location of the facility, which is currently under construction, is 90 Taylors Rd, Keilor Downs, 3038.

Following an extensive community engagement process in 2020, Brimbank Council determined the new name for the replacement facility of the St Albans Leisure Centre would be the Brimbank Aquatic & Wellness Centre.

Under the state’s Naming rules for places in Victoria - Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities - 2016 (Naming Rules), Council is required to undertake a process to seek and consider any community objections, prior to lodging a naming proposal with Geographic Names Victoria for gazettal and registration.

A public consultation period in which to receive and consider objections to the proposed name of Brimbank Aquatic & Wellness Centre will be open for 45 days, from Monday 22 February till Wednesday 7 April, 5pm.

Anyone now lodging an objection to the proposed name of ‘Brimbank Aquatic & Wellness Centre’ must address their interest in the naming proposal and any reasons why the name is not appropriate, including how it is considered to not comply with the Naming Rules.

Please note, Brimbank City Council will not consider objections that do not explain why the objector opposes the name.

Objections may be lodged through the following channels: