Project Update - December 2022

Following public exhibition, a report including a summary of submissions was considered at the Council Meeting on 19 April 2022.

At the meeting, Council resolved to endorse a revised draft of the Planning Policy Framework, and refer all submissions for consideration at an independent Planning Panel. This meeting was held on Thursday 16 June 2022.

The Panel Report was presented at the Council Meeting on 18 October 2022 where Council resolved to adopt and submit the modified Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C225brim to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Amendment C225brim was submitted to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on 2 November 2022 and is awaiting a decision from the Minister for Planning.

We’re seeking feedback on proposed Amendment C225brim to the Brimbank Planning Scheme to guide land use planning and development outcomes across our City.

The proposed amendment was prepared by Council in consultation with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. It translates the existing Brimbank Planning Scheme into the new format required by State Government. It also incorporates new planning policy and other land use and development guidance in line with current Council policies and plans.

The review of the Brimbank Planning Scheme involved a report to Council in December 2017, which was provided to the Minister for Planning and subsequent consultation Plan Brimbank undertaken in 2018.

Key differences between the existing scheme and what is being proposed include:

  • The format of the Planning Scheme
  • A reduction in local content (removing any repetition of state policy)
  • Removal of outdated or redundant content
  • Different sections.

To better understand these differences you can view current existing state and local planning policies of the Brimbank Planning Scheme. The policies listed are specific to Brimbank and should be read alongside state and regional planning policies.

Council anticipates further content to be added to the regional section, particularly when the State Government finalises the draft Western Metro Land Use Framework Plan. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning recently conducted consultation about the Framework Plan and you can view Council’s submission.

Key elements of the proposed Amendment C225brim

Click on the boxes below to learn about changes being proposed and how they seek to direct land use and development outcomes.
  • ​Settlement

    Relates to development within the Brimbank portion of the Sunbury Green Wedge, and planning for metropolitan, major, neighbourhood and local activity centres.

  • ​Environmental risk and amenity

    Relates to the environmental impacts of development with a focus on climate change; contaminated and potentially contaminated land; current and former landfills; non-residential use and development; land use compatibility; noise abatement and major hazard facilities.

  • ​Housing

    Relates to housing supply and affordability, including residential aged care.

  • ​Infrastructure

    Relates to community and development infrastructure including health facilities, education facilities, social and cultural facilities, open space and integrated water management.

How to provide feedback

You can make a submission via the online form below.

In your submission you should state the planning grounds on which the amendment is supported or opposed, including any supporting evidence.

It is important to remember the planning ‘rules’ when responding. An overview of these can be found in Frequently Asked Questions.

Council must make a copy of every submission available on request, free of charge until two months after the amendment comes into operation or lapses,in accordance with the process legislated in the Planning and Environment Act 1987.