We are updating the Brimbank Planning Scheme to correct errors and ensure it is current. We prepared Amendment C225brim with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. This involved:

The purpose of the Amendment is to:

  • update the Planning Scheme to a new format, as required by State Government
  • include new planning policy and other land use and development guidance. So it is in line with Council policies and plans
  • remove any repetition of state policy
  • remove outdated or redundant content
  • apply different sections
  • update the regional section when the State Government finalises the draft Western Metro Land Use Framework Plan. Read Council’s submission to their consultation.

Impact of the changes

Learn how the proposed changes will guide land use and development outcomes.
  • ​Settlement

    Relates to development within the Brimbank part of the Sunbury Green Wedge. And planning for metropolitan, major, neighbourhood and local activity centres.

  • ​Environmental risk and amenity

    The environmental impacts of development with a focus on:

    • climate change
    • contaminated and potentially contaminated land
    • current and former landfills
    • non-residential use and development
    • land use compatibility
    • noise abatement
    • major hazard facilities.
  • ​Housing

    Housing supply and affordability, including residential aged care.

  • ​Infrastructure

    Community and development infrastructure including:

    • health facilities
    • education facilities
    • social and cultural facilities
    • open space
    • integrated water management.

How to give feedback

Make a submission via the online form below. Your submission should include:

  • the planning grounds on which you support or oppose the amendment
  • any supporting evidence.

It is important to remember the planning ‘rules’ when responding. Local planning policies are specific to Brimbank. You should read them alongside state and regional planning policies. An overview of these is in Frequently Asked Questions.