Share your views and ideas with Council and help shape Brimbank’s future

Community members have said they want to be more involved in making Brimbank a great place to live. We want this too. That’s why we’ve created Brimbank Community Voice.

As a member you will have the opportunity to give feedback and ideas to Council. You’ll help us design and deliver services that meet community needs.

You don't need special skills, just an interest in contributing to your community. Members take part in workshops, focus groups, discussions, surveys and more.

Why your voice is important

Brimbank Community Voice is a group of ordinary people who want to make a difference. Our community is diverse, and we want to hear all viewpoints.

There are some people in our community that we don't hear from as often. We are looking for more members who:

  • are between 18-25 years of age
  • are 75 years of age or older
  • identify as LGBTQIA+
  • are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • experience disability
  • operate a business in Brimbank with 3 or more employees.

There are also some cultural groups that are more common in Brimbank. We want to hear from more people who are:

  • Vietnamese
  • Arabic
  • Macedonian
  • Cantonese
  • Punjabi.

If you aren't from any of these groups, we still want to hear from you.

Be part of this new program

When you join Brimbank Community Voice you can choose what activities interest you. There will be different opportunities available. This includes online, face-to-face, or over the phone.

Brimbank Community Voice is open to residents, ratepayers and business owners in Brimbank.

It is open to people of different ages (aged 18 years and older), genders, cultures, identities and abilities.

There is no specific time commitment required. You can choose to participate when it suits your schedule.

We’ll support you to participate

We will provide support to make sure all members of Brimbank Community Voice can participate. This could involve providing:

  • an interpreter
  • vision support
  • hearing support
  • child-friendly spaces
  • help with other caring responsibilities
  • transport support
  • or other assistance you need.

When you register please let us know about your specific requirements. We will work with you to meet your needs.