Community Engagement Policy 2021

Adopted February 2021

Your feedback showed strong support for the engagement principles in the Policy:

  • transparency and Integrity
  • accountability
  • responsiveness
  • respect
  • fairness
  • Human Rights

Feedback also showed a strong desire for genuine approaches by Council when engaging with the community. Approaches important to the community included;

  • listening to community views
  • promoting projects broadly for greater awareness
  • allowing enough time for consultation
  • presenting expert data
  • providing online opportunities to take part
  • keeping community informed through the project stages
  • working collaboratively with the community
  • engaging in other languages

The outcomes report is in the document library.

We are reviewing our Community Engagement Policy. We want to hear your thoughts on how:

  • we should undertake community consultations
  • you would like to take part.

This Draft Community Engagement Policy is an overarching community engagement framework. It will guide Council on how we ask your views on a range of local priorities and the future of the community. Your views are important in informing Council decisions, projects, policies, plans and services.

This Draft Policy is informed by:

  • past community consultations
  • the Local Government Act 2020. The Act has Community Engagement as one of the five principles. The Act requires Council to adopt a community engagement policy on or before 1 March 2021.

The Draft Policy also aligns with:

  • Victorian Auditor General’s Officer Public Participation Principles
  • International Association for Public Participation.

Your feedback will help shape the way we make decisions about things that matter to you in Brimbank.




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