Complaints Policy 2023

This document is the 'final draft' included in the Council Report. The final adopted document will be provided shortly.

Consultation results


Project statistics

What you told us

What we heard from your feedback

How we used your feedback

For cultural and accessibility requirements

We will:

  • create a plain English version of the policy
  • include a visual representation of the process
  • carefully consider images used when sharing the policy
  • explore options to provide visual aids and translations in various ways.

For complaints resolution

Complete agreement may not always be possible. The Victorian Ombudsman's best practice guides balance between:

  • effective resolution
  • pragmatic use of resources in complaint management.
It emphasises the importance of fair, reasonable and timely complaints resolution. And it recognises limitations such as:
  • resourcing
  • the need for practicality in policy implementation.

If we cannot reach a resolution we will offer options to escalate your complaint to:

  • Victorian Ombudsman
  • other relevant statutory bodies.