The Live Streaming of Council Meetings Policy

Adopted September 2021

We aim to promote greater accessibility, transparency and inclusivity to Council Meetings by:

  • live-streaming Council Meetings
  • attend meetings in person.

Live-streaming reaches community members who might not attend a Council Meeting.

The draft Policy proposes:

  • continue live-streaming all Council Meetings. Except for confidential items that are considered by Council after closing the meeting to the public.
  • continue to record Council Meetings. And make the recording available on Council’s website as soon as practicable.
  • streaming of Council Meetings outsourced to a professional company.

The Local Government Act allows:

  • councils to close meetings to the public if the council live streams the meeting
  • Councillors to attend meetings online.

This allowed Council Meetings to continue from early 2020 due to:

  • COVID-19
  • risks to public health
  • the declaration of the State of Emergency
  • restrictions on public gatherings.