Project update - 15 September 2022

Consultation on this strategy has closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Our draft Economic Development Strategy 2022-2027 is designed to deliver economic growth in Brimbank.

It builds on Brimbank’s strong economic foundations, broad capabilities and current strategies, and identifies ways to deliver inclusive and sustainable economic growth in our City.

The draft strategy aims to capture the economic aspirations and opportunities of our businesses and community.

Economic Development Strategy

Our goals

We’ve engaged with key stakeholders and businesses and identified four key themes and strategic goals to unlock opportunities and address limitations to local economic growth over the next five years.

A range of actions are attached to these themes and strategic goals. These will guide our economic development efforts through to June 2027.

  • Productive, innovative & sustainable business base

    • Brimbank is open for business
    • The City will continue to support its business base to ensure it is productive, innovative and sustainable
    • The City will continue to attract new businesses to grow and strengthen industry clusters and areas of specialisation.
  • Vibrant, prosperous, accessible precincts & places

    • Brimbank’s precincts and places are fundamental to the economic identity and character of the municipality
    • The City will encourage investment and improvements across its employment precincts and activity centres to ensure they are vibrant, prosperous and accessible.
  • An engaged and job ready community

    • Brimbank’s people are at the heart of the City
    • People will have the opportunity to learn and earn, and the labour force will be engaged and prepared for work.
  • Leading the way in economic development practice

    • Brimbank is a leader in economic development practice
    • The City’s economic development practices will be innovative, tailored and fit-for-purpose to achieve positive economic outcomes for its people.

Your feedback

We want to know if we got it right. We invite you to tell us what you think of the draft strategy by either

  1. completing this survey, or
  2. uploading a written submission.