Council would like to say thank you to all of the people who took the time to respond to the survey relating to the draft Festivals and Events Policy and Strategy 2022-2025.

From the feedback provided by the community, amendments were made to the Festivals and Events Policy & Strategy 2022-2025 and it was adopted by Council on 15 March 2022.

Resources and support to be provided by Council include the community grants program, as well as professional development and training, marketing and promotion, and audience and cultural development.

Festivals and events enable communities to feel connected and proud about where they live, work and play. They illuminate our rich tapestry of places, cultures, beliefs, traditions, arts and talents.

They're also important to stimulate local economic activity, showcasing our great places and attractions, and helping to place Brimbank on the map as a visitor destination.

The Festivals and Events Policy and Strategy 2022-2025 (Policy and Strategy) defines Brimbank City Council’s role and ways it will support a program of festivals and events. It continues the direction set by the Festivals and Events Policy and Strategy 2018-2021.

It outlines the resource commitments Council will make and how we will work with our local community to ensure festivals and events are inclusive, best practice, safe, sustainable and flourishing.

It also explores the opportunities for Brimbank to partner with others to bring new audiences and offerings to the festivals and events program.

The objectives of the Policy and Strategy are to:

  • align the strategy and resourcing for festivals and events to the Council Plan 2021-2025
  • support Brimbank communities to deliver inclusive, well managed and safe festivals and events
  • provide a festivals and events program that is content diverse, supports gender and social equity, and is geographically spread across the municipality
  • assist to develop the audiences and promote festivals and events
  • connect local cultural development with festival and event programming
  • assist festivals and events be financially viable, environmentally sustainable and develop successfully
  • seek partnerships and opportunities that will support a vibrant festivals and events program.

Performer in photograph: CircaNICA