The Victorian Government has introduced big changes to kindergarten. Including the introduction of Three-Year-Old and Free Kindergarten. These changes have seen more families wanting to attend kindergarten in Brimbank.

To manage these changes we want to understand:

  • how these changes will impact you
  • what this means for how we provide services.

We are seeking your feedback on:

  • how the changes will impact how you plan to use kindergarten and childcare
  • what most influences your decision when choosing a local kindergarten.

We will use this information to:

  • review our registration and enrolment policy
  • decide if we need to include different criteria for placement
  • help us plan kindergarten for the future in partnership with the Victorian Government.

As part of the policy review we will:

  • talk to families across Brimbank
  • look to see what other Councils are doing
  • follow Council plans, policies and strategies
  • analyse data on how new criteria will affect families in Brimbank

Changes to our policy will impact people and suburbs in different ways. So we need to make sure we consider the impact on the Brimbank community as a whole.