These draft updated policies are open for your feedback:

  1. Councillor Code of Conduct
  2. Councillor Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy
  3. Livestreaming of Council Meetings Policy
  4. Public Transparency Policy
  5. Councillor Support Policy
  6. Revoked: Councillor Transparency Policy
  7. Revoked: Councillor Respectful Conduct Policy
  8. Revoked: Councillor Protocol.

We want everyone in our community to have a say on these changes. To help you review the policies we have prepared a Consultation Explainer to summarise all the changes.

We think these updates will help make our Councillor requirements clearer and easier to follow. But we’d like to hear your feedback.


We invite all members of the community to take part and share their feedback on the proposed changes. Let’s work together to make our community stronger and more transparent.