The Brimbank Story

During the Melbourne lockdown of 2020, it is estimated that around $90 million was saved in Brimbank, that normally would have gone into pokie machines.

However in the six months following the reopening of gaming venues, losses to pokie machines in Brimbank were the highest ever recorded in Victroia.

In Brimbank in 2021 daily losses to pokie machines reached over $440,000. On a weekly basis that is equivalent to losing four family houses in Brimbank.

Brimbank has 15 pokie venues and a total of 953 pokie machines. which is the limit. Not one more pokie can be legally set up in Brimbank. There is one pokie machine for 173 adults living in Brimbank.

Average fortnightly earnings of EACH pokie machine in Brimbank (based on figures from 2020-21) is $6,478. This is more than SIX single aged pensioners received each fortnight, including their pension and energy supplements).