When the Melbourne Airport Rail Link project was announced in 2018, Premier Dan Andrews and Transport Minister Jacinta Allan said that Sunshine would have a “much-expanded station, a much bigger station” that would include residential and retail development.

A State Government press release published June 2021 tells a significantly reduced scope of works including only:

  • a new accessible pedestrian concourse
  • extra lifts
  • ticketing gates and
  • weather-protected platform extensions.

This watered down proposal is a far cry from the “really big redevelopment” promised, and the investment needed to support Brimbank’s economic recovery from the pandemic.

What is Council doing?

  1. We're asking the State Government to re-affirm its commitment to transform Sunshine Station as a Super Hub, redeveloped inside and out as a catalyst to private investment and local employment and to reconsider plans for a flyover through Albion.
  2. We're writing to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure, the Hon. Jacinta Allan, requesting a briefing on the intentions and detail for the immediate and longer terms of the project and related works.
  3. We've expressed concern that the project’s planned flyover through Albion failed to unlock development opportunities, integrate the station into the surrounding precinct or acknowledge the heritage value of Albion’s nearby Darling Flour Mill.
  4. We endorsed the Sunshine Priority Precinct Vision 2050 in April 2021 to transform the area into a 21st century city through leveraging the Melbourne Airport Rail and other mega infrastructure investment. To achieve this vision the Melbourne Airport Rail mustn’t just funnel tourists and business people between the airport and other centres.
  5. We've undertaken preliminary work for the location and function of the Sunshine Stations and the Albion Station. This work is outlined in Sunshine Super Hub and Albion Station – Creating a connected CBD and gateway to the world. The Sunshine station has the capacity to function as a world-class multi-nodal transport hub and as a catalyst in unlocking the immense potential of the west.
  6. We’ve continued to advocate to the State Government, most recently with the launch of Transforming Brimbank Melbourne Airport Rail Advocacy Priorities campaign. The campaign seeks integrated development for the Sunshine Priority Precinct, Sunshine Superhub, a new Albion Station and to unlock investment in the Albion Quarter.Council is also seeking a fully funded ‘Brimbank Community Offset Package’ which:
    • Recognises that Brimbank will experience the brunt of a decade of construction and disruption for the benefit of other communities across the State
    • Addresses any rail construction plans that do not meet community expectations
    • Ensures that Melbourne’s West is allocated its fair share of infrastructure funding from both the Federal and State Government

How can you help?

Sign our petition to call on the State Government to reconsider its plans for a flyover, and adopt a staged-approach to delivering Airport Rail by initially utilising existing at-grade tracks, in doing so allowing time to properly plan for:

  • The redevelopment of Sunshine Station into a regional super hub
  • The reconstruction of Albion Station into a fit-for-purpose public transport interchange that complements and celebrates the heritage value of the Darling Flour Mill
  • The integration of both stations into the surrounding precincts in a way that unlocks development opportunities, most notably within the Albion Quarter
  • The delivery of long-term rail commitments made in the Western Rail Plan, such as the electrification of the Melton and Wyndham rail lines.