We have a mural program to transform the city’s public spaces. As part of that we are adding a vibrant mural on a wall to compliment the recently upgraded playground. Murals also prevent graffiti, create a sense of place and build community pride.

Artist Stephanie Cartledge has created 3 designs for you to choose from. We want you to:

  • read the story behind the designs
  • then vote for your favourite design.

Stephanie will paint the design with the most votes.

Mural designs

This mural concept centres around the endangered native Growling Grass Frog whose populations inhabit the City of Brimbank. The artwork features heavily stylised depictions of the frogs amidst the native aquatic vegetation, Running Marsh Flower.

Design 1

Artist impression of proposed design 1

Design 2

Artist impression of proposed design 2

Design 3

Artist impression of proposed design 3


Which mural design do you prefer?

About the artist

Stephanie's bold geometric illustration style:

  • depicts the natural world, emphasising its beauty and significance
  • exhibits how shapes lock together to create aesthetic and balanced designs.

She encourages others to consider their own relationship with the environment. And aims to create art that is striking and resonates with the viewer.

By creating art in public spaces, she hopes to make it more approachable. And encourage more people to engage with it daily.

Stephanie prioritises environmental sustainability by:

  • using non-toxic, low-Volatile Organic Compounds, and UV-resistant Resene paint
  • supporting local businesses
  • disposing waste products ethically.