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Artists’ description of the artwork

The centre circle is where the boss lady Martha sits.

The black lines are the pathways in and out of the circle.

The 6 circles are the advisory councillors and the half circles with the white dot are the tribe members sitting.

There are 4 females and 2 males in the advisory councillors.

The colours represent the 4 seasons and are the ochre colours.

About the artist

Aunty Jeanie Mason is an Aboriginal Elder and Member of the Brimbank Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultative Committee. She is a proud Bakandji woman from New South Wales.

Aunty Jeanie grew up in Wilcannia on a mission and thanks to her mum she grew up with her culture and her language. Her mum took her and her 8 siblings out to the bush and taught them about medicinal plants, what to eat and what to look for.

Aunty Jeanie has lived in the Brimbank area for 30 years, and became involved with the community through her professional background working in community services. She is passionate about education and improving opportunities for the Indigenous community to strengthen connections to culture and community.