What are your hopes and priorities for Brimbank? What do you want the City to be like? We would love to hear your ideas to help create a new 2040 Community Vision and Council Plan 2021–2025. You can provide feedback in a few ways:

  1. Fill in our survey (on this page)
  2. Attend a community workshop (face-to-face or online)
  3. Visit one of our community centres and fill out a postcard.

The Community Vision 2040 guides all of Brimbank City Council’s work to ensure new strategies and plans, including the Council Plan 2021-2025, reflect community priorities and aspirations for Brimbank and the health and wellbeing of the community.

Based on what we have already heard from the community, we have developed four draft strategic directions to guide Council’s plan over the next four years.

We would like to know if these are still reflective of your priorities and if there is anything else you would like Council to focus on.

A liveable and connected city that is green and sustainable.

Liveable and Connected
"Inviting and liveable spaces and facilities, connected so people can get around."

Sustainable and Green
"A natural environment protected now and enhanced into the future."

A transformed city where all have opportunities to learn and earn.

Growing and Transformed
"Businesses and organisations with capabilities for the future."

Earning and Learning
"More employers support local people, and skills and learning are accessible."

A great place for all, where people feel welcome & supported and that they belong.

Belonging and Participation
"Mental and physical wellbeing, independence and safety."

Pride and Wellbeing
"Social, cultural and artistic expression."

An organisation that places the community at the centre of decision making, delivers high quality services and advocates on behalf of the community.

Responsive and Engaged
"Value the insights of our community, and support them to connect and engage with Council."

High Performing and Accountable
"Monitor and report on organisational performance, and explore innovative solutions to services to enhance our performance.'

Following this engagement process and using the feedback we receive from community, Council will develop a draft Community Vision, Council Plan and related documents that will be considered by the Council later this year for adoption and implementation.

What makes Brimbank a great place to live in now?

Put forward your thoughts and they will be captured as a virtual post it note for others to view. You can vote thumbs up or down on comments made. (max 140 characters).