There is colour, street greening and pop-up parks to see and enjoy at Glengala Village!

This project is part of the 20 Minute Neighbourhood program led by and funded through State Government. Council is coordinating the delivery of a number of temporary activations in Sunshine West including:

  • Street greening: Replanting of existing garden beds and planters, as well as installation of new temporary planters.
  • Shop front improvements: Up to 10 traders are being selected for assistance with the redesign and refreshment of their shop fronts. Some of the street furniture was also reconfigured and new bike hoops added.
  • Pop up parks: In consultation with local traders, Council has added a new off-street pop up park with additional seating and shading. The outdoor dining initiative also contributed with a temporary public parklet. Now even more space to relax and enjoy a meal from your favourite local café or restaurant.
  • Traffic-calming road art: A road design was installed along Glengala shopping strip. This is a tactical urbanism approach and is designed to reinvigorate the area, slow down traffic and emphasise pedestrian prioritization.

Thank you to the community of West Sunshine for submitting the many wonderful patterns for the road art. We have used these to inspire the traffic calming road art along the Glengala Road shopping strip.

In July 2020, we invited the local community to submit design ideas for the new road art installation. The final road art design is inspired by patterns and drawings submitted by community members, which is adding colour, vibrancy and helping brighten up your local shopping strip.

Safety continues to remain our priority.

To ensure road safety in the area Vic Roads has authorised a temporary speed limit reduction to 20km/hr. Temporary signage is in place to help, so please be aware of the new limits. We will also be installing a raised pedestrian crossing on the east side (towards the roundabout) and speed cushions on the west side (across Simmie Street). To ensure everyone stays safe, even in bad weather, the paint utilised is skid resistant and road certified, similar to the one used for line marking.

Throughout this project we have followed all the recommendations of an independent road safety audit.

The West Sunshine 20 Minute Neighbourhood is all about ‘living locally’ — giving people the ability to meet most of their daily needs within a 20-minute walk from home, with access to safe cycling and local transport options.

This project was funded by State Government including the Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

We encourage you to come along and see the colourful and fun additions to your local shopping strip.