Project Update - 18 November 2022

We’re happy to announce Council adopted the Disability Action Plan 2022-2026 which will guide our priorities in supporting people with disability to live connected, inclusive lives.

Project update - 24 August 2022

The window to provide feedback has closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Auslan overview of this consultation

The draft Disability Action Plan 2022-2026 is a strategic framework that will guide and inform Council’s work to improve access and inclusion for people with disability over the next four years.

Aligned with the Disability Act 2006 and the Inclusive Victoria - Disability Action Plan 2022-2026, the Plan outlines actions that address barriers people with disability experience in participating in community life.

The draft Plan aims to promote inclusion and participation to achieve positive changes in attitudes, structures and practices which discriminate against people with disability.

The draft Plan has been developed through extensive consultation with the disability community, disability service providers, and relevant sector stakeholders. This feedback was used to inform the four key priorities of the Plan, and the supporting actions that will help us achieve each priority area.

Draft Disability Action Plan 2022-2026

Key priorities

The draft Plan is built upon four key priorities the community identified as impacting the lives of people with disability and their carers.

It will provide opportunities for people with disability, their carers and families to achieve the best possible outcomes within an inclusive and supportive community.

  • Priority one

    Improve communication and access to information

  • Priority two

    Develop employment, education and volunteering opportunities

  • Priority three

    Advocate for improved access to health and wellbeing services and supports

  • Priority four

    Improve accessibility to the built environment