We are building a brand new skate park at Balmoral Park, and we need your help finalising the design.

In phase one of this consultation we asked you about your skill level, preferred features and more to help us design the right park for you. We gave your feedback to expert designers to bring to life a space that has optimal flow and transition between features.

We have come up with two designs and are excited to share them with you to find out which is your preferred layout and any other feedback you may have.

Option one “Street and Mini”

  • large flowy street area with a mix of low level transition and street features arranged in an outside loop and central linear layout
  • low level standalone concrete mini ramp
  • both include unique obstacles such as skate rocks, whippy extensions and perforated metal wall rides

Option two “Bowl and Street”

  • a bowl with a mix of transition features arranged in an open layout around a central mogul
  • low level street strip with low level street features in a linear arrangement
  • both include unique obstacles such as skate rocks, granite pool coping and ride on rails.