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Thank you to all who provided their feedback and participated in our survey and show and tell.

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The Creating Better Parks Policy and Plan (CBP) is about creating inviting parks and shared open spaces for people to socialise, be active and play outdoors.

This policy covers our Flagship parks which are our biggest parks, to our local reserves which are our smaller areas for local communities to enjoy.

The 2021 review of the plan aims to evaluate the current park network and to set the vision for the next five years.

Through this review we want to better understand:

  • How the community has been using Brimbank parks during COVID.
  • Community attitudes towards investment in parks to date and to understand if there are any gaps in the current delivery of the plan that should be addressed.
  • Community ideas for Brimbank’s park network.
  • New opportunities within Brimbank’s park network, for example better dog off-leash parks and BMX tracks.
  • Specific requirements of different age groups and genders.
  • Community feedback on the current accessibility and distribution of various parks.


The CBP was first adopted by Council in 2008 and updated in 2016.

The current CBP network includes:

  • Seven Flagship Parks
  • 29 Suburban Parks
  • 120 Neighbourhood Parks
  • 100 Local Reserves.

Since 2008, the CBP has won 11 industry awards from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, the Planning Institute of Australia, Parks and Leisure Australia and Keep Victoria Beautiful. The most recent award was for Sunvale Community Park in 2020 receiving two state Park of The Year awards and one National Park of The Year award.

Your opinion matters

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Parks in Brimbank

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