We have prepared a draft Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy to guide:

  • housing growth in Brimbank
  • future residential zones and planning policies.

The draft Strategy is a plan for how we can:

  • meet the housing needs of the community
  • respect the valued character of our neighbourhoods
  • support sustainable housing growth
  • take advantage of the many opportunities in our municipality.

It also provides guidance on how new residential development should be designed. We want development to enhance the good things about our neighbourhoods. And create new high-quality places.

Housing change areas

We have identified 4 housing change areas and the types of growth for each area.
  • Substantial Change

    Low-rise apartment buildings, and other diverse housing types, up to 4 storeys.

  • Increased Change

    A range of diverse housing, including townhouses, up to 3 storeys.

  • Incremental Change

    A range of diverse housing, including multi-unit infill development, up to 2 storeys.

  • Minimal Change

    Single dwellings, up to 2 storeys.