Project update - 30 November 2022

Consultation on the project has closed. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

Kevin Flint Memorial Reserve was developed in 2007 and is classified as a Flagship Park in Council’s Creating Better Parks Policy and Plan

The reserve includes a constructed lake, large open grassed areas and many significant mature trees. The wider reserve includes an enclosed ‘destination dog park’, sporting ovals, facilities and pavilions.

The existing park and playground facilities include

  • pathway and stair network
  • playground
  • picnic facilities
  • two shelters
  • public toilet
  • car park.

Some of these facilities are outdated and in need of improvements or replacement.

The intent of the upgrade is to:

  • create a meaningful and iconic place for the community
  • create a multi-functional and adaptable space for diverse activities
  • provide equity and accessibility for different groups of people, and encourage social interaction.

To achieve this in accordance with our Creating Better Parks Policy and Plan, the upgrade will include:

  • playground improvements to cater to a range of ages and abilities
  • accessibility upgrades to car parking and the public toilet
  • upgrading existing shelters and BBQ facilities
  • upgrading existing pathways and furniture to provide better accessibility and amenity
  • landscaping to enhance biodiversity and amenity.

We want to hear your feedback on the proposed draft concept plan. We encourage parents and carers to involve their children/ dependents in the decision-making of the following feedback.

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