Thank you to those who provided a submission to the Draft Significant Tree Policy.

Feedback from the community and other stakeholders has informed the final Significant Tree Policy.

Council considered all the submissions and received at its Ordinary Council Meeting on 17 August 2021 and adopted this Policy with no further changes.

A full response to individual submissions and the adopted Significant Tree Policy can be viewed here.

Significant trees provide considerable environmental benefits while mitigating the impacts of heatwaves. Large trees provide cooling in streets, parks and homes where it’s needed the most during heatwaves.

The draft Significant Tree Policy was endorsed by Council at the 20 April Council Meeting and proposes establishing a register of significant trees on private land, and outlines criteria for assessing whether a tree is significant.

Once a tree is listed on the register, owners would require a Tree Work Permit for any maintenance works or tree removal.

This new draft policy supports Council’s draft Brimbank Tree Policy which has been developed to support the creation of a cool, green, healthy and resilient municipality through an extensive urban forest.

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