Project update - 19 August 2022

We're happy to announce Creating Streets for People Policy was adopted by Council on Tuesday 16 August 2022.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the draft policy. This will help Council deliver a people focused approach to the future design and use of streets in Brimbank.

Creating Streets for People Policy

Adopted August 2022

Project Update - 10 June 2022

The window to provide feedback has closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

The role of streets in urban areas has always been to move people and goods, however in recent decades the convenience and affordability of travelling by car has meant a shift to a car dominated environment.

The Creating Streets for People Policy (the Policy) will guide future investment in Brimbank’s street network to create people-focused places that

  • allow sustainable active travel choices
  • foster community cohesion, and
  • adapt our environment for the future climate.

The Policy responds to the feedback we received from our community in 2021. You told us that greening and cooling of streets, improving safety, more trees, and providing opportunities for outdoor dining is important to you.

Our vision for Brimbank has these objectives in mind, but acknowledges the continued need for car travel alongside it. To achieve this vision we need to move from a vehicle centred design towards a place making and people focused approach, aligned with global best practice.

Policy summary

The Policy calls for the following design considerations for all streets:

To consider the context of streets including the local identity, heritage, land uses, and how people move through and use the street.

Ensuring streets that are a key part of the Cycling and Walking Strategy connect to provide safe and desirable links between destinations.

Designing streets to the appropriate speed without resorting to speed humps as the default method to manage speeding vehicles.

Ensuring that services do not compromise the delivery of high quality streets and adequate tree planting.

Progressing the management of stormwater from pits and pipes in the ground to sustainable drainage systems and reuse for irrigation.

Continuing Council’s Urban Forest Strategy program to deliver increased canopy cover across the municipality.

By allowing water to soak away slowly into the ground it mimics the natural water cycle and lessons the impact of droughts on trees and other plants.

By reducing the amount of road surface Council can reduce future maintenance costs and provide greener, healthier environments.

Every project should have a review of parking to ensure that an appropriate amount of parking is provided.

Our streets should allow equitable access to all members of the community. Narrow footpaths and other issues tend to negatively affect women, disabled people, and the elderly more than others.

It is critical Council maintains the ability for service and emergency vehicles to access our streets and spaces to ensure the safe and smooth running of the urban environment.

As the world transitions to zero emissions vehicles and autonomously driven vehicles Council will need to consider how our streets can cope with the new challenges and requirements of the future.

Our streets contain many tree species. A range of plants offer a way to improve biodiversity and habitat outcomes across the municipality.

Additional design elements, such as areas for outside dining in activity centres, will apply in areas with significant community activity.

The Policy recognises the significant investment by the State Government in new and improved rail services and major new office and other developments in the Sunshine Priority Precinct being planned. This presents increased opportunity for the community to reduce its reliance on private cars.

It will also allow Council to effectively advocate on the community’s behalf to external parties who design and manage streets within Brimbank, such as the Department of Transport and major industrial, commercial, and residential developers.

Creating streets for people in action

Glengala Road Pocket Park - before: Arial photograph of Glengala road pocket park before upgrade Glengala Road Pocket Park - after: Arial photograph of Glengala road pocket park after upgrade