Alfrieda Street Public Realm Masterplan

Adopted April 2024

  • Civic Walk

    From Main Road East to Linda Street.

    This commercial heart of Alfrieda Street will see widened footpaths, enhanced public amenities, and increased greening, with a focus on pedestrian zones and outdoor dining.

  • Nature Walk

    From Linda Street to Biggs Street.

    A green and water sensitive corridor that is friendly for pedestrians, cyclists, and local biodiversity

  • Neighbourhood Walk

    From Biggs Street to Taylors Road.

    The residential stretch will be reimagined to encourage walking, with safe and accessible routes to transport and local amenities and increased canopy cover.

Study area

The Masterplan study area is of the public realm within Alfrieda Street from Main Road East to Taylors Road in St Albans.

This area divided into 3 sections:

  • Civic Walk for the St Albans Activity Centre
  • Nature and Neighbourhood Walks for the residential zone.

The street links community landmarks:

  • St Albans Train Station
  • St Albans Library
  • Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Centre.
Map of alfrieda street indicating the Civic, Nature and Neighbourhood Walk sections.