What you told us

In 2021 we asked for your feedback on:

  • what you love about Alfrieda Street
  • what you think future Alfrieda Street should look like.

We used your feedback to help inform the design of a new draft Master Plan.

How we consulted

We ran community engagement between 5 March and 9 May 2021.

The purpose of this first round of consultation was to gather information about:

  • current usage of the street
  • issues and opportunities.

Our target audience was people who live, work, visit and own businesses in Alfrieda Street.

We held online and in-person consultation activities. We translated project information into Vietnamese, Arabic and Punjabi. A Vietnamese speaking facilitator was available for on-site workshops. The communications and engagement activities were effective in engaging over 440 participants.

From this consultation we learned what features are important to you for any future design. In the order of importance:

Shopping area

  1. wider footpaths, outdoor dining and trading
  2. shade trees and planting
  3. seating, drinking fountains, bins / recycling
  4. spaces for community gatherings /picnics /events
  5. car parking

Residential area

  1. shade trees and planting
  2. spaces for community gatherings /picnics /events
  3. wider footpaths, outdoor dining and trading
  4. connection to public transport, safer crossings
  5. car parking

We have included these features in the Alfrieda Street Master Plan.


These are the types of consultations we did and the number of participants for each activity.


Photos from the community consultation sessions in Alfrieda Street, St Albans.

What you love about Alfrieda Street

What we heard

The strengths:

  • trees
  • sense of culture
  • arts and public art
  • bus services.

The challenges:

  • movement and accessibility, as well as traffic congestion and parking
  • safety, comfort and cleanliness
  • old and run down structures and lack of activation.


This is what you love about Alfrieda Street with the number of responses.

What you want for Alfrieda Street

What we heard

This is what you want the future of Alfrieda Street to be, with the number of responses.

For the activity centre

For the residential area